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Do You Find Yourself Snacking In Work?

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Workplace ‘cake culture’ is causing a huge negative impact on oral health, says the dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Not only is it leading to poor dental health, but it could also be fuelling the obesity crisis.

It’s a common scene in many workplaces – colleagues bring in sweet treats on special occasions, manager treat their staff to sugary goodies and it’s an easy source of energy for workers who are struggling to have their lunch hour.

Professor Hunt said:

‘It is particularly dangerous that this is lying around the office all day for as we know, sugar has a particularly negative effect if it’s eaten outside of meal time.’

He is urging workers to consider buying smaller quantities of sweet treats, or to try reaching for healthier alternatives such as fruit, nuts or cheese, when craving that 3pm snack.


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