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Have you been told you're not suitable for upper full arch replacement based on dental implants due to lack of bone? Then here at LDC we have the answer...... Zygomatic Implants are the best alternative option!

A Zygomatic Implant Case, created by our very own Dr Mo

zygomatic implant placementZygomatic implant placement is very similar to that of conventional dental implants. The drilling process works the same as a standard implant, although the screw passes the posterior maxilla (upper jaw), bypasses the sinus and is anchored into the zygomatic bone (cheekbone). They’re much longer than a normal maxillary (upper jaw) implants, ranging from approx. 35mm to 55mm.

What’s great about this procedure is that bone loss doesn’t get in the way of a successful result. When a patient receiving standard dental implants has bone loss, a sinus lift or a series of bone grafting procedures is required to build up the bone. With zygomatic treatment, the implants are secured tightly in the cheekbone instead. This is why the procedure can be completed within a day, and is the ultimate solution for those with greater maxillary (upper jaw) bone loss.

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