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Dental Implants, Crowns or Bridges?


If you’re beginning the journey to transforming your smile, there are a few options available which may suit your particular teeth and budget more than others. We’re often asked what the difference is between dental implants, crowns and bridges and it’s important to arrange a consultation with your dentist to find the perfect match for you.

To help you along the way, we’ve included our general guide to implants, crowns and bridges below.


Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial substitute/replacement for the root portion of your natural tooth. They can be used in many different ways, either for a single tooth replacement or for a full upper/lower arch. We have been placing dental implants for over 10 years and believe we are the forefront of dental implant placement in Liverpool. Our dental implants starts from the brilliant price of £1295.


Crowns are used to correct imperfections with your teeth- whether they’re discoloured, broken or uneven. Commonly referred to as a ‘cap,’ crowns are a great way to restore the natural look of your teeth. Crowns can last for a long period of time if they are looked after- it’s vital to retain high levels of oral hygiene to ensure the tooth underneath remains unaffected.



Bridges are the perfect option if you find dentures uncomfortable, or if implants are too expensive for you. With bridges, we use your existing adjacent teeth to provide the support for the teeth in the gap. The healthy teeth on either side of the space are prepared similarly to a crown and this can be turned into a complete smile makeover if needed.


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