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Why Juices and Smoothies Are Damaging Our Teeth

New research by the Oral Health Foundation into the United Kingdom’s dietary habits has revealed that around two in every five (43%) adults are consuming one or more fruit juices or smoothies every day.

Some fruit juices and smoothies can contain up to four times the recommended daily amount of sugar in one serving, which could lead to the acidity causing tooth erosion.

While fruit smoothies can be a good way of getting people to consume more fruit, the high concentration of sugar and acids mean they can do real damage to the teeth if sipped throughout the day.

Every time you sip on a fruit smoothie your teeth are placed under acid attack for up to an hour, so sipping on these drinks over a long period can cause the protective enamel to erode, causing pain and sensitivity. This can also lead on to decay.

Try to brush your teeth before drinking juices and smoothies, as this helps protect against the damaging effect of the acid contained in the juice. However, avoid brushing immediately after drinking juice the tooth enamel can be weakened by the acid content which will damage your teeth.

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