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5 Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

You brush and floss your teeth twice a day in order to keep your smile healthy, but how often do you think about the food your eating in terms of your oral health?

What you eat and drink can cause tooth decay, so a healthy diet is incredibly important for your teeth. There are certain foods that can really help to keep your teeth strong and healthy, so we’ve made a handy list of 5 foods to choose more often that’ll help keep your smile healthier.


Cheese contains high levels of phosphate and calcium, which naturally strengthen teeth and bones. It also helps to balance the pH level in your mouth so that there is less harmful acid and more cleansing saliva instead, which means fewer cavities!


The unsweetened natural variety of yoghurt contains casein and calcium, which help to strengthen the teeth’s enamel, and the probiotics (live active cultures used to ferment foods) found in yogurt can also benefit your gums by helping to counter the growth of the “unfriendly” bacteria in the mouth.


Salmon contains high levels of calcium and vitamin D and the vitamin D found in salmon makes it easier for your teeth and bones to get the full power of calcium from the foods you’re eating.


Even though apples are highly acidic, the natural sugars found within them actually help to neutralise the harmful acids on the mouth. Plus, the act of chewing an apple helps to produce saliva in your mouth, which helps rinse away any bacteria and food particles.


Not only is celery a great source of vitamins A and C, two types of antioxidants that give the health of your gums a boost, but it also acts like a toothbrush – scraping away any food and massaging your gums in the process.


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