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Prosecco May Be Rotting the Nation’s Teeth

Got a penchant for Prosecco? You may be doing your teeth some serious damage according to a recent article in the Daily Mail.

Dr Mervyn Druian, of the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry recently issued the warning after latest figures revealed that the UK consumed a whopping 40 million litres of Prosecco last year.

Carbonated drinks of both the soft and alcoholic kind can cause damage to the teeth due to acid erosion, but Prosecco is twice as problematic than other drinks due to the combination of alcohol, carbonation and sugar content.

What are the signs of ‘Prosecco smile’?

It starts with a white line just below the gum, which if you probe it is a little bit soft. This is the beginning of tooth decay which can lead to fillings and dental work.

What can I do to prevent this?

Drinking through a straw can help protect the teeth, but the main solution is making sure you don’t drink more than a couple of glasses at any one time.

You should also leave brushing your teeth for a few hours if you have been drinking Prosecco to give the enamel on your teeth time to harden.

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