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Charcoal Toothpastes May Not Whiten Teeth

The charcoal trend sees no sign on slowing down, and it’s been popping up in everything from peel-off face-masks to supplements. However, The Oral Health Foundation has issued a warning against charcoal toothpastes, which claim to whiten your teeth, stating that we’re being ‘misled’ thanks to the celebrity endorsements of products that don’t do what they claim.

Dr Nigel Carter, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, said: “The number of charcoal toothpastes on the market is growing rapidly and are being marketed at through instafamous celebrity endorsements, but we believe shoppers may be being misled.

“Much of the time the celebrity has had professional tooth whitening and their white smiles are not a direct result of using the product.

“From a whitening perspective, there may be anecdotal evidence of their whitening potential but any effect they have will likely be superficial.

“Many toothpastes which claim to whiten our teeth are simply removing surface stains, and will not offer the long lasting bright white smiles which many users may be looking for, or being promised though advertising.”

It is also important to know that some products could actually be harmful as they may not contain fluoride, a key ingredient in helping to prevent tooth decay.

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