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5 Ways to Look After Your Teeth This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is getting ready for the upcoming festivities to get underway, and it’s at this time of year that lots of selection boxes, chocolate advent calendars, sweet treats and champagne will undoubtedly make their way into our festive diets. And as delicious as all that sounds, all that constant snacking and consumption of sugary drinks and foods can wreak havoc on our teeth.

So, with that here’s the five ways to look after you teeth over the Christmas period.

1. Be wary of festive desserts

Mince pies, and other festive sweet desserts such as Christmas cake and pudding may be the food of choice after the traditional Christmas dinner, but due to be laden with dried fruit, which is high in sugar these kinds of foods stick to teeth and can cause the most damage.

2. Don’t forget your oral hygiene routine

Christmas morning might be unbelievably exciting for children, but if you’re a parent make sure they don’t forget to brush their teeth – it’s only two minutes after all!

3. Your teeth aren’t tools

We can all admit to attempting to open a bottle of something with our teeth at some point in our lives, but this is so harmful for your teeth! No one wants to appear on the Christmas photo with a chipped or missing tooth!

4. Say cheese!

Cheese is great for teeth. It helps to return the mouth to its natural acid balance and reduces the chances of tooth decay developing. That’s why cheeseboards after the main meal are a great idea!

5. Moderation is key

Moderation is definitely the most important thing to remember for your dental health. Just keep in mind how much sugary food and drink you are having, and remember it’s ok to say no to that extra sweet as the tin comes round!

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