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The Best & Worst Drinks For Your Teeth This Christmas

Over the Christmas party season, mulled wine, prosecco and colourful cocktails are usually the tipple of choice for most, and while these drinks are not exactly winning top marks for their nutritional content, there are some drinks that are better than others when it comes to your oral health.

So, we’ve put together a guide on the best and worst drinks for your teeth this Christmas, along with some top tips on maintaining good oral health throughout the festivities.


Gin and tonic seem to be the drink of the moment and it’s also a bit of winner for your teeth, as the low acidity levels in a G&T mean it’s less likely to damage the tooth enamel. Plus, adding ice to the drink will further reduce its acidity.


The darker and more pigmented the wine is, the more likely it is that you’ll be left with a magenta-hued smile, as the cracks in enamel allow pigmentation to settle on your teeth after just a few sips. So while a nice warm cup of mulled wine might be the making of a cosy night in over Christmas, you might want to pick up a glass of white wine to avoid instant staining.

However, the high acidity will soften the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to picking up stains from foods in the long run!


Vodka has a pH around 4, making it within the range of potential damage for tour teeth, and its drying effect reduces the amount of saliva in your mouth – leading to bad breath. If you can’t resist your favourite vodka drink, then try chewing sugar-free gum to increase salvia levels in your mouth.


While there isn’t a lot of data on how beer affects your teeth, some evidence suggests that it could actually be beneficial. And choosing light over dark will not only help to reduce staining, but the lighter option has a higher water content and therefore less acid!


Staying well-hydrated with water helps to increase the salivary flow and the flow of protective minerals within the saliva that protect the teeth from decay. But if you can’t resist your favourite alcoholic beverage, at least try and drink water in-between your drinks to help rinse your mouth out.


So, if you take some time to think about your drink choices this Christmas, you could drastically reduce the damage to your teeth, whilst avoiding any embarrassing selfie stained smiles!

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