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New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

Turning over a new leaf in the New Year is normally at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and most resolutions tend to be health related. So, since dental health has a key role in your overall wellness, here are some new year resolutions that will help you achieve a brighter, healthier smile in 2018!


Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Eating a good, balanced diet is important for your dental health, as a poor diet high in sugars can affect your entire immune system, making you more susceptible to gum disease.

The antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts improve your body’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, which also help to protect your teeth and gums. Plus, chomping on some crisp fruits and crunchy veg like apples, carrots and celery can help clean plaque from teeth and freshen breath.


Stop smoking 

Smoking can harm your mouth in a number of ways, including: the increased risk of cavities, gum disease recession, as well as a throat, lung and oral cancer. Plus, smokers are around twice as likely to lose their teeth as non-smokers. So try to kick the habit for good this year, and your health, smile and wallet will thank you for it!


Don’t forget to floss

You may think that brushing your teeth twice a day is enough care for your teeth, but unfortunately this isn’t enough to prevent plaque from building up on your teeth, or to completely remove bits of food from your mouth. So, in order to take the best care of your teeth, you need to floss too.

If you’re not in the habit of flossing, the new year is a great time to start!


See your dentist for regular checkups

Seeing your dentist at least twice a year allows your dentist to monitor your oral health and can help prevent or treat any dental health problems before they require more comprehensive  treatment. Contact us now to arrange your dental appointment.


So, if you treat your mouth right this new year by improving your diet, quit smoking and improving your oral hygiene habits, then your teeth and your body should thank you for it!

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