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4 Reasons To Chew Slower

We all know that what we eat has an effect on our health, but have you ever stopped to think about the way we eat, too? Not only is chewing your food properly important for your overall wellbeing, but it can also have an impact on your oral health.

Here are our top reasons to consider taking a little more time to chew:

1. It does teeth wonders.

By chewing slower, you’re actually giving both the bones and the muscles in your mouth a real workout. This in turn helps to keep your teeth and jaw strong and supple!

2. More nutrition, more energy.

When you chew too fast, you can’t break your food down as much as you could if you just took a little more time. Breaking food down when eating is super important to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients and energy from your meal as possible.

3. More saliva! 

Now, we know it can be a little bit uncomfortable discussing things like saliva, however it’s really important you learn about the benefits of increased production of this great stuff! The more you chew at a slower pace, the more saliva is produced in your mouth. This aids swallowing, as well as making sure that particles of food are cleared out from those little nooks and crannies in your teeth.

4. You get to enjoy your food a lot more.

Finally, chewing your food slowly allows you to fully take the time to appreciate the taste of your food and make mealtimes even more enjoyable. This is much better than just inhaling what’s on your plate and ending a meal feeling unfulfilled!

To find out more tips and tricks about keeping your teeth and mouth healthy, head on over to the rest of our blog.

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