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Eating These Veggies Will Improve Your Oral Health

A lot of the time, we hear about what foods are harmful for our teeth and gums. There are the usual suspects; fizzy drinks, sweets and alcohol. But, it’s also important to talk about what foods are beneficial to our oral health so that we can make sure we’re eating the correct things and creating healthy, happy mouths!

The best place to begin? Fruits and veggies! Consider these plant-based options when trying to add in more foods that are teeth friendly. In turn, you’ll be eating things that are good for your overall health, too!

Here are some of the best fruits and vegetables that will improve your oral health:

1. Onion

Despite being a little smelly, onions are actually fantastic for preventing tooth decay! Who knew? Research has found that raw onions killed four different strains of bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease!

2. Strawberries

Remember to brush well after eating berries like these due to the natural sugar content, but these great little tooth-friendly fruits are high in Malic Acid. Long story short, strawberries can actually have a slight whitening effect on teeth.

3. Parsley


More than just a quick addition to spruce up a dish, there is a substance called Eugenol in parsley which has great antiseptic qualities. Happy tummy, happy mouth!

4. Cucumber

We like to call cucumber a natural flosser! Because they’re made up of 96% water (wow!), cucumbers aren’t high in natural sugars and are really good at getting rid of unwelcome debris and particles between teeth.

5. Red Peppers

High in vitamin C, red peppers also contain vitamin A, potassium, folic acid and fibre. That’s a lot of goodness! Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to keep our bones and teeth healthy.

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