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Crowns vs Veneers: What’s Best For You?

Dentist showing porcelain crowns to the patient


Longing for that perfect, sparkling smile without the hassle of orthodontic and whitening treatment?

If the answer is yes, then crowns and veneers could definitely be the right choice for you. But which option should you go for? We have compiled a list of similarities and differences to help you decide whether crowns or veneers would be better suited to your needs.


Dentist matching shades of implants with woman's teeth



Simple Procedure and No Recovery Period

Crowns and veneers require minimal amounts of preparation, and the procedure for both options is painless. For both treatments, the process usually involves removing enamel from the teeth, and then taking an impression so that the crowns or veneers can be specially made to fit. This is followed by another appointment to bond the crowns or veneers to the teeth. Simple!


Long Lasting

Both crowns and veneers are incredibly durable. Made out of porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal or just metal, they usually last somewhere between ten and twenty years – sometimes even longer. If you’re concerned about longevity, then the lifespan of either option shouldn’t be an issue for you.


Natural Looking

Here at GDC Liverpool, our crowns and veneers offer you a bright, but natural smile. Both options are specifically tailored to your teeth because of the imprints that we take. Also, we allow you to choose the colour of the crowns and veneers so that they match the rest of your teeth.


Dental veneer being placed on bottom front tooth



Veneers Only Cover the Front of Your Teeth

Both treatments aren’t particularly invasive, but because porcelain veneers only cover the front of your teeth, they require less enamel removal than crowns. They are the perfect option for cosmetic issues such as discolouration, cracked teeth or enamel damage.


Crowns Offer More Protection

Unlike veneers, crowns cover the entire tooth – this is a good option for more extreme damage such as decayed, chipped or broken teeth. Crowns can improve the structure and function of the tooth as well as cosmetic issues.


Lumineer Veneers Require Little or No Enamel Removal

If you’re looking for a particularly non-invasive treatment, here at GDC we offer ‘‘Lumineer’’ veneers. They mostly follow the same principle as normal veneers, but don’t often require the removal of enamel. Made by Cerinate®, the reason for this lack of enamel removal is because they are much thinner than ordinary veneers. They are approximately 0.2mm in thickness – similar to a contact lens.


Woman making a decision




Hopefully this guide has helped you choose the best dental option suited to your needs. If you’ve decided to go for crowns, porcelain veneers, ‘‘Lumineer’’ veneers or are still undecided, check out our Crowns and Veneers page to find out more.

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