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How to Cut Down on Sugar

A glass full of sugar cubes with a blue straw and a pink background

Sugar—the word that every dentist likes to avoid! It is well known that too much sugar has a knock-on effect on our health, and in particular, our oral health. From tooth sensitivity to tooth decay, the effects of the sticky substance can be surprisingly extreme, even though sugar-related teeth issues are completely preventable. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some ways to help you reduce your sugar intake.


Drink less alcohol

Red, rosé and white wine in crystal glasses

Did you know that a pint of cider often contains around 5 teaspoons of sugar? That’s approximately two thirds of your daily recommended limit! It’s not just cider—sweet wines and certain spirits such as amaretto are also big offenders. Furthermore, mixers such as cola, lemonade and tonic water are also high in sugar, making it even more difficult to avoid when you’re out having a drink.

There are many reasons why it’s good to cut down on alcohol, and protecting your teeth should definitely be one of them!


Chew sugar-free gum

young woman making a bubble from a chewing gum and listening music with headphones

It’s obvious that chewing sugar-free gum is better for your teeth than chewing gum that contains sugar. But did you know that it can actually benefit your teeth? Certain sugar-free gums are sweetened with xylitol, which can help to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. This in turn leads to lower levels of tooth decay and gum disease!


Switch to sugar-free sweets and chocolate

Colourful jelly candy gummy bears on white background

Whilst switching to sugar-free gum is one thing, choosing sugar-free sweets and chocolate could make an even bigger difference to your oral health. There are a few brands on the market offering sugar-free alternatives, including Fruit-tella, Fellows and Wether’s. Maryland has even released a sugar-free cookie range!

Many assume that sugar-free versions of their favourite snacks will taste different, but you might be surprised! It’s definitely worth giving them a try.


GDC Liverpool can help

We hope that this article has encouraged you to rethink your sugar intake, and helped you realise that cutting down on sugar is a lot easier than it seems!

If you’re worried about your oral health or feel like it’s time for a check up, take a look at our General Treatments page. Here, you can find out more about our full range of non-cosmetic treatments, and fill in our easy contact form to arrange an appointment.


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