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The Importance of Men’s Oral Health

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Naturally, women are more prone to dental health issues because of the hormonal changes that they’re likely to experience throughout their lives. With the emphasis on women, men’s oral health often gets overlooked. Research suggests that this has a knock-on effect, and that many men don’t understand the importance of looking after your teeth.


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Here are some statistics:

– Whilst approximately 20% of women don’t brush their teeth twice daily, the figure rises to roughly 33% for men.

– According to a UK-wide survey conducted by the Oral Health Foundation, more than 62% of men regret not taking better care of their teeth earlier in life.

– A study published in the Journal of Periodontology revealed that women are nearly twice as likely to have attended regular dental check-ups in the past twelve months.

– In the same study, it was found that only one third of men consider oral health an important part of maintaining good overall health, compared to nearly 50% of women.


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With this in mind, we’ve come up with some tips to help men get back on track when it comes to maintaining good dental health:

Book a dental appointment – This may seem obvious, but with just one in six men getting their teeth checked on a yearly basis, it looks as if some encouragement is necessary! As well as cosmetic dentistry, we also offer general check ups here at GDC. If you’d like to register with us, find out more and get in touch here.

Protect your teeth with a mouthguard – If you play contact sports such as hockey or rugby, it’s worth investing in a properly-fitted, custom mouthguard or gum-shield to prevent any injuries to your teeth. Here at GDC, we have come across numerous sports-related tooth fractures, displacements and avulsions (where the tooth has fully come out), many of which could have been prevented.

Get into a routine of brushing at night – People who typically brush once a day usually do it in the morning. But why not at night? The usual reasons include tiredness and simply forgetting to do it. If you’re too tired, then try and think about how much better your mouth will feel the next morning, and how it will make your teeth look better in the long term! If you’re just forgetful, then set a daily alarm that will remind you just before you go to sleep. Simple!


GDC Liverpool is here to help

Whatever your gender, we hope that this article has emphasised to you the importance of men’s oral health. If you’re concerned about your teeth or are simply looking to sign up to a dental practice, then take a look at our ‘General Dentistry’ page to find out more about the services we have to offer.


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