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How do we make a Crown?

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Each tooth is prepared in such a way that the crown will cover it from above the gum line

Local anaesthetic is administered to the region where the tooth or teeth are going to prepared by the dentist. Each tooth is prepared in such a way that the crown will cover it from above the gum line (this is what we call the gingival margin,) it protects your tooth underneath it. Once the tooth/teeth are prepared, an impression is taken. This impression is then sent to our state of the art dental laboratory. The laboratory technician will then make the crown(s) using their expertise, skill and experience. Whilst you are awaiting the fit of your new crowns, you will be given a temporary crown. This temporary material is cemented to your prepared tooth/teeth with a temporary cement. There will then be a second appointment made for the fitting of your new crown(s).

If you choose to have multiple crown preparations on your anterior teeth, the result is an improvement to your smile as a whole; the colour and alignment of your teeth can be dramatically changed. Sometimes using braces to straighten your teeth can take time or maybe you have had orthodontic treatment and you are still not happy with the results. Whether you want that “natural” looking smile or a complete “Hollywood Smile” makeover, using crowns to restore aesthetics and function is what we do best at Leeds Dental Centre Liverpool.

The tooth is broken and requires a crown

The tooth is prepared for a crown to cover it

The new crown is fitted to the prepared tooth with cement

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